Pranayama (breath work)

Dive deep into the illuminating power of our breath. Like a flashlight pranayama illuminates what needs to be acknowledged within our subconscious. 

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A daily breath work practice can be transformative and is an essential part of living yogic philosophy.

Pranayama increases focus, patience, feeling grounded, centered our perspective, reduces stress and anxiety, allows us to process our emotions/experiences, as well as helps us flow authentically and intentionally through the challenges life presents us.

These powerful experiences can help you heal, grow, and reclaim your own personal power to feel refreshed, revitalized, and aligned on your path.

Pranayama sessions are available in person and/or via Zoom.

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What to expect

Plan for 2 hours each session

  • 15-30 minutes for an in-depth intake conversation with tea
  • 1 hour and 15 minutes for your tailored pranayama practice
  • 5-15 minutes for closing, wrap up, and feedback
  • Plant medicines can be added on
  • This practice will be intuitively led based on your needs and intentions
  • We will have an intake converation each session to check in with your energy and intentions, so we can individualize your practice accordingly

Deep Love Connection

A thoughtful and unique gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and just cause!

For you and your boo thang(s)

What's included: 

  • Couples tarot reading

  • Tailored couples yoga and/or pranayama (breath work) session

  • Love connection ritual

  • Toast to you! Choice of mocktail, bubbles, or tea

Plan 3 hours for this beautiful offering 

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Pranayama FAQ

  • What is pranayama?

    Pranayama is part of the 8 limbs of yoga. Pranayama is yogic breath work – the practice of regulating one’s breath (prana) through different techniques and exercises. 

    Prana means breath and also the energy of the universe – by tapping into our prana, we are connecting ourselves to the energies and magicks of the universe. Time is no longer linear and we are able to illuminate the true essence of who we are. 

  • I’m new to breath work. What should I know?

    Welcome! What a wonderful practice to be embarking upon.

    We’ll start small and with a practice that feels both manageable and enjoyable to you.

    Please share any concerns/goals you have, and I’ll incorporate them into any pranayama sessions I lead you through.

  • Why do I need someone to help me breathe?

    By having someone guide you through your pranayama, you can focus on staying present in the moment and bring intention to your breath.

    Breath work sessions are powerful ways to go deeper within and experience breakthroughs in perspective.

    Whatever your goals/journey, by having a pranayama session lead especially for you—you can jumpstart inner growth and reach for your dreams. You are deserving!

  • What can I expect from my session?

    To start, we’ll chat about your pranayama practice, goals, and how you feel most comfortable.

    I’ll lead you through an individualized breath work session based on our conversation. If you’re feeling nervous, we may do a few yoga poses first to release any tension.

    Then, you’ll get situated in a comfortable position (laying down, sitting, whatever is best for you) so you can fully experience and enjoy the pranayama practice.

    Close your eyes, and I’ll take care of the rest! I’ll guide you through a transformative breath work experience.

  • It’s hard for me to sit still. Will pranayama be right for me?

    Fair enough. Pranayama can be practiced in a variety of ways. If stillness feels challenging, it is beneficial to practice pranayama after a full yoga practice. Book a one-on-one yoga and pranayama together to reap all the benefits!

    We’ll find the perfect format for you to enjoy your breath work practice.

    Crystals can also be an awesome addition to pranayama and you can hold or roll them in your hands which can provide some meditative movement.

  • I don't live nearby, can I still book a pranayama session with you?

    Of course! I offer my pranayama sessions in person and via Zoom, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to choose whichever option feels more accessible and supportive for you in this moment. 

    It would be my honor and pleasure to  hold sacred space for you whether that is online via Zoom or in person – the medicines are potent regardless of which option you choose 🙂 

  • What is your refund policy?

    Purchase assured knowing that I offer a 100% Money back guarantee – if you are not 100% satisfied with your service, I will give you your money back 

    I love what I have to offer – I believe you will too. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, please let me know and I will give you a full refund. 

    This request needs to be made within a month of services rendered. 

With reverence, I honor the stolen Indigenous homelands of the O’Odham and Piipaash peoples and their ancestors, who have inhabited this landscape from time immemorial to present day. I support the Land Back movement. Yoga calls for the liberation of all beings and recognizes the power in Indigenous teachings and medicine.

As we practice grounding and being nurtured by nature/Mother Earth through yoga, we extend our gratitude for the land and the Indigenous stewards who demonstrate how to live in loving reciprocity.