Trip Sitting

Feel safe and held as you spiritually journey with different plant medicines 

Start off the experience by testing whatever you are using (that you provide yourself) to trip

Then, we set intentions for the experience and open up energetically with yoga and breathwork

You will be intuitvely guided on when to take your magick trip items 🌈✨

And I’ll be there the entire process to help you feel safe, held, and aligned with your trip intentions 

Prices start at $444 depending on duration, location, and how many people are journeying

Tell me about your trip vision

With reverence, I honor the stolen Indigenous homelands of the O’Odham and Piipaash peoples and their ancestors, who have inhabited this landscape from time immemorial to present day. I support the Land Back movement. Yoga calls for the liberation of all beings and recognizes the power in Indigenous teachings and medicine.

As we practice grounding and being nurtured by nature/Mother Earth through yoga, we extend our gratitude for the land and the Indigenous stewards who demonstrate how to live in loving reciprocity.