Tarot Reading

Tarot is a powerful spiritual practice that connects us to the energy of the universe. It is great for asking questions and receiving guidance/wisdom as well as connecting and communicating with our spirit guides, well ancestors, and protective entities

Whether you do a reading with one card or one hour, the insight you receive will be powerful

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In Person or Zoom Tarot Reading  

$55 per 30 minutes

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Digital  Tarot Reading Options and Pricing

Your tarot reading will be emailed to you as a PDF within 5 days of purchase

One Card, One Question Tarot Reading

This one card tarot reading is perfect for a quick dose of clarity, perspective, and guidance


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Know, Grow, Let Go Tarot Reading

This three card tarot reading is perfect for when you’d like clarity/guidance for your life in general or in one particular area of your life (career, romance, travel, etc.)


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Full/New Moon Tarot Reading

Curious about how to use the magick of the new/full moon (or any lunar cycle) to benefit you? Wondering what this new lunar cycle brings with it? This 7 card tarot reading is the perfect choice!


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Consciousness Level Up Tarot Reading

Are you wanting to continue on your healing and abundance journey, but need more direction and clarity on how? This 7 card tarot reading will give your the guidance you are craving


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Tarot Reading FAQ

  • I’m new to tarot, how does it work?

    Share any questions/focus you’d like for your tarot reading, like, “How can I live more authentically?” Or, “What is the next step in my career?” Or whatever you’re curious about.

    It works best to keep the questions open-ended for the tarot cards to provide the most insight/wisdom.

    Once you share your questions/curiosities with me, I’ll work on drafting tarot spread options (how I’ll lay out the cards) to answer your questions.

    You’ll get to pick (or mix and match) what speaks to you. We won’t move forward with payment until the spread feels just right to you.

  • What sort of questions can/should I ask?

    It is best to keep questions more open-ended (instead of yes/no).

    For example, instead of asking, “When will I get a new job?” your guidance will be better if you ask, “What is the next step in my career journey?”

    Don’t worry! I’ll help you draft a tarot spread with effective questions. We won’t move forward with the tarot reading until you feel comfortable and represented by each and every question.

  • What do you charge for custom readings?

    I charge $55 per 30 minutes for Zoom or in person readings.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Purchase assured knowing that I offer a 100% Money back guarantee – if you are not 100% satisfied with your service, I will give you your money back 

    I love what I have to offer – I believe you will too. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, please let me know and I will give you a full refund. 

    This request needs to be made within a month of services rendered. 

With reverence, I honor the stolen Indigenous homelands of the O’Odham and Piipaash peoples and their ancestors, who have inhabited this landscape from time immemorial to present day. I support the Land Back movement. Yoga calls for the liberation of all beings and recognizes the power in Indigenous teachings and medicine.

As we practice grounding and being nurtured by nature/Mother Earth through yoga, we extend our gratitude for the land and the Indigenous stewards who demonstrate how to live in loving reciprocity.